Sonrisa and Sustainability: Sonrisa is dedicated to using the economic power of our business to promote environmental sustainability as well as social justice in the community we serve. We believe that ecological and prosperity goals are mutually achievable and we use our business as a tool for positive social change. We operate a values driven company including the principles of social justice and environmental sustainability. We also rely on partners and suppliers who share our values and practices that benefit our clients, community and the environment.

Our commitment is more than just words – it is central to our culture and is how we manage our business on a daily basis. We hold ourselves and our suppliers accountable for taking specific actions consistent with our commitment to sustainability. Some examples of our commitment in action include:

Waste Minimization, Recycling and Re-Use: Recycling bins are used for all glass, plastic and paper products used in the operations. We selected our new business location specifically because it was second generation lease which allowed us to re-use many of the previous improvements including infrastructure, cabinetry, and build outs. Equipment not used in the new space is sold or given to other operators – nothing was sent to the landfill. Our customer and employee communications are done electronically to avoid wasting paper. Other features in the new space that have been purchased as previously owned, or certified as green or re-cycled include all retail and storage shelving, white boards, lockers, furniture, reception and administrative desks and flooring. Glass or ceramic glasses and dishes are used instead disposable paper or plastic products.

Energy Efficiency: Our facility uses high efficiency lighting and HVAC equipment complete with programmable thermostats. Energy Star appliances are used throughout the facility. Approximately 70% of the lighting required in the facility comes from natural sunlight through windows that are also tinted for energy efficiency.

Management of Fresh Water Resources: Water conservation programs include high efficiency showers, faucets and toilets. We re-use clean water whenever possible to irrigate plants inside and outside our facility. Fresh drinking water is treated to a reverse osmosis filtering process instead of purchasing bottled water for guests.

Environmentally and Socially Sensitive Purchasing: Purchasing partners are selected by their ability to provide environmentally sensitive, high quality natural or organic products with sustainable packaging. All paper products are post-consumer recycled and all cleaning products and detergents are bio-degradable. Paint in the new facility was Zero VOC and floor coverings were manufactured from re-cycled materials. We used new lightweight sheetrock with reduced gypsum content. New cabinetry was certified as using recycled materials and green manufacturing processes. Refreshments served to guests are natural or organic and sourced locally wherever possible. Eco friendly linens are purchased for spa use. Whenever possible supplies are purchased locally and in bulk to minimize excess shipping/driving and packaging impacts.

Memberships and Certifications: Sonrisa is a member in good standing of the Green Spa Network and is a certified Green Spa by Eminence. Sonrisa currently enjoys the Gold Seal Certification from Gen Green and is working towards certification by Green America.

Socio-Cultural: Sonrisa participates in the Aveda campaigns for clean water and sponsors local food banks and responsible charities. Whenever possible refreshments served to guests and for events are sourced locally. Sonrisa actively co-promotes in support of community businesses.
Safety: Safety training and instruction with support provided by experts in bio-mechanics to avoid work related injuries is provided to employees. The facility has been inspected by third party engineers to ensure compliance with all applicable building and safety codes, including fire, construction and sanitation. Employees receive a comprehensive written handbook detailing policies including instruction on what to do in the event of injury, accidents and emergencies.

Health: Employees are provided wellness benefits to include Health Savings Accounts, wellness counseling, paid vacations and access to resort property at no cost to the individual or their families. Employees also receive financial support for membership fees when they join Health or Fitness Clubs.

Plan for Sustainability Improvement – 2013: We are proud of our accomplishments to date in the area of Sustainability but recognize the need and desire for improvement. Our plan for 2013 is summarized below:

  1. Expand Sonrisa’s Green Team to include employees from every area of the business.
  2. Broadly Communicate Sonrisa’s Commitment to Sustainability to engage guests and local businesses.
  3. Conduct regular audits for review with the Green Team for action –
  4. Research new trends and opportunities for review with Green Team and possible adoption


At Sonrisa we appreciate your business and invite any feedback you may have to help us improve our services. If you have concerns about the services you have received at Sonrisa please call us directly within 10 days of the date of your original appointment and we will work with you to seek a satisfactory outcome .

We use only Aveda hair color at Sonrisa and we sell a variety of Aveda hair care products for use at home that help promote the quality of the hair color service. Unfortunately, we can’t warranty our color services performed by our technicians if the appropriate Aveda products are not used at home.