Feel Great, Look Even Better

Ah Spa- that’s the life for a pampered prince or princess, au contraire mon frère- People of all ages and professions are carving out time for self care and spa services. They are realizing that these services are necessities for healthy life balance rather than luxuries. With all of the research indicating that increased cortisol levels cause inflammation and stress related illnesses, many are enjoying the health benefits of spa services. All of our salon and spa services at Sonrisa include complimentary wellness rituals. Here are a few and some of the health benefits associated with them.

Sonrisa Salon Day Spa

Wellness for Hands and Nails

Why we switched from UV to LED nail lights

Two years ago Sonrisa Salon and Day Spa switched from UV nail lights to the safe LED lights, which have been used for years to treat sun damage and generate new collagen. We provide the safest nail products available and our sanitation system goes well beyond industry standards which is an important point to consider as nail fungus issues from nail salons is on the increase.

Age Renewal for Hands coming in October-During our spa training I volunteered to receive the Aveda facial from our trainer and as he finished the luxurious treatment he applied and massaged a serum on my right hand and said “look girls at the difference between her hands.” I could not believe the difference in my two hands. I told him that we needed a rejuvenating treatment for hands and he smiled and said, “coming soon.” I looked at my right hand and wished that he had left me a sample for my left hand. I cannot wait to get my hands on this new treatment!!