Serving Our Communities

Many of you know that I believe in strong community service that is why I am excited to announce that I was recently elected to the Board of Directors for BASE-KC; Building a Sustainable Economy Kansas City.

“The mission of BASE-KC is to provide a local network of socially and environmentally responsible businesses for mutual support, education and growth. Our network will inspire creative ideas to bring prosperity and well being to all Americans, regardless of their economic standing, race, religion or gender. We will bring together our collective power to shift markets and influence policy to achieve our vision for our local communities, our state of residence, our country and the world.”

This organization fits well with Sonrisa as a green business featuring natural and organic products, as well as my focus as a life and wellness coach. I’m very proud to be part of this fine organization and associated with the great people who are working to make this a better community.

As we start a new year I encourage you to make community service a part of your focus for 2015. A recent Gallup study found that those who serve their communities are happier and have reduced levels of stress so it’s a win-win.


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